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Teacher Bio

Ms. Fitzgerald (aka Ms. Fitz) 🦉

ELA teacher since ‘07-‘08 NCTTHS teacher since ‘09-‘10

~ About Me ~

I am not your typical
English teacher.
My #1 teaching goal is for
students to believe in themselves and know that I believe in them.
I try not to hate the teachers before me who have done harm
that must be undone.
I have ADHD, diagnosed at 38.
I did NOT experience the educational struggles and shame that can come with childhood ADHD.
I was "gifted and bored” in Grade 3,
Successful in “honors” in 6-8
As and Bs and teased for it
In HS, I thought I was a procrastinator who lacked the self discipline of a writer when I couldn't maintain a schedule or meet goals.
It was the ADHD. 
I thought I was a perfectionist, and
that's why I was so hard on myself.
It was the ADHD.
I have educated myself on the variety of visible and invisible struggles ADHD presents for my students with similar wiring.
Note: It is a myth that "everybody has ADHD now." Everyone may have focus challenges, but that is the just the tip of the ADHD iceberg of emotions and often negative self-talk. 

~ My Road to Teaching ~

CSUSM Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies 2006 (literature and writing emphasis) 
CSUSM Writing Center 2006
Tutored freshmen in WC
CSUSM Teacher Prep. Pgm. 2007
Student taught in MVUSD
Murrieta USD/Temecula USD/Lake Elsinore USD 2006-2007:
Subbed for grades 2-12
Murrieta USD 2000-2006:
Worked in SpEd classrooms (Autistic preschool to mixed MS) A variety of other classified positions, including a lot of lunch serving all over the district. 

~ Before always seemed to be kids somehow ~

  • My first full-time job was at Kindercare, running a school-age summer program.
  • Early Childhood EDUC/DEV was my first educational focus.


Old School Shop Safety with Mr. McManus

Ms. Fitz and Mr. McManus had a whole lot of fun playing with clay and stop motion video. Shot on location in Mr. Lopez' room in the old building (behind TT now). Beginning just after 04:15 "Respect Power Tools": Viewer Discretion Advised (violence, bloodshed)

Good Times in Advisory 2019

The best Night of Excellence ever because of these kids right here. Every. Single. One. Came. Through. TRADE! 📣 TECH! 📣