Changes to our food distribution and food on campus - Updated October 6, 2020

Monday's Pick-Up time will change to between 11 and 12.
If you choose for your student to be In-Person for elective classes, it will not change the deliveries on Monday.
For "In-Person" days, there will be no breakfast served.  The breakfast is in the bag you receive on Monday.
For "In-Person" days, Nutrition items will be only for sale.  Nutrition Break is not a part of the program.  Students wishing to purchase these items will need to have funds pre-loaded in their accounts. 
For "In-Person" days, there will be a limited lunch service.  If you child qualifies for free lunch, they will be able to get a meal at lunch.  This does not reduce their Monday delivery.  If they wish to purchase any additional meals, the cost is $3.00 for the lunch service this year.
Modifications to lunch service.
  • Lunch will include an entree and fruit or vegetables only. 
  • There will be NO drinks or salad bar options available this year. 
    • Drinks are included in their Monday distribution bag.
  • Condiments and cutlery will be limited and distributed with food purchases only.
There are additional bottle filling stations for water here on campus.  All drinking fountains will be disabled.
Use the link below to apply for our free lunch program: