Principal's Message

July 2020


We are nearing the start of a new school year.


Thank you all that took part in our survey.  It was amazing how much information came out through the comments.  Thank you for that. 


Due to the information from the surveys, we have reworked our opening plans to include more time for all students to access their teachers and support teachers, virtually and in person. 


Relationships between school staff and students are critical for everyone.  We will find appropriate ways for staff and students to develop their relationships.


I think it is fair to say that we are all very nervous about the start of this school year!


At Trade Tech, a safe environment will come before everything else physically on our campus. We are setting up to maximize classroom instruction and minimize contacts with others.  Our classes will have no more than 12 students in the room. Some classes will not be offered this year due to time constraints or social distancing concerns. Training students how to be safe and remain safe will be critical early on.  


We will be hiring a daytime custodian to clean and sanitize throughout the day and have added or will be adding physical changes on campus such as additional bottle filling stations and hand washing stations.


We will have 3 options for students to attend Trade Tech. 1 option is onsite and two are offsite.  At the end of July we will ask you to choose which you want to start your child in.


We will start the year conservatively and increase on campus time if and when it becomes safe to do so.  We have plans in place to convert quickly to less or no in person instruction if the need arises.


Virtual Learning (Offsite) - This will be online using our Acellus program.  These courses are all online and are independently certified in the a thru g system for college prep rigor.  We will provide support, but the curriculum is set through the company that created program.  They will be assigned work and completion requirements, but students will have flexibility when to login and work on assignments.


Blended Learning (Onsite) - Students will be on campus 1 day each week.  12th grade on Tuesday, 11th on Wednesday, 10th on Thursday and 9th on Friday.  This will use online resources and teacher made and distributed materials. School hours will be from 8 am to 2:08 pm.  There will be tutoring, support and additional elective class time from 2:15 to 3:00 for students that wish to participate (sign up required).  Core Teachers (Math, English, History and Science) will have online web support for students not on campus that day (through something like Zoom or Google Meet).


Hybrid Blended Learning (Offsite) - Same as the onsite blended option, but instead of being on campus in person, students will have access to join the teachers' classrooms at a scheduled time using a web sharing platform such as Zoom or Google Meet.  This  will require attendance on a particular day throughout the school day (8 am to 2:08 pm)


Support Time - Resource teachers will also be available daily (Tuesday thru Friday) between 2:15 and 3 pm. 


Monday will be a designated support day from 9 am until 2:15 pm. 

Different subjects will have in person (by appointment) and online support at specific times. 

Resource teachers will be available (by appointment) to work with students.

A classroom will be available for students that just need a quiet place to work with internet. 

Elective classes will have times for students to have more hours of hands-on work time, should they want or need it.


We will be emailing more information to all parents later in July before you are asked to make a decision, including our expectations for everyone on campus. 


Thank You,

Phil Lutgen