North County Trade Tech High School

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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

April 2018


Dear Families of Trade Tech,


This has been another crazy year here at Trade Tech.  For the most part good crazy though. 


We are nearing the end with just 2 months left of school.  There will be a parent meeting on Wednesday the 18th from 5 to 6 pm. Lots of exciting news and some state funding stuff.


For those that have not heard, Mr. Odle has left Trade Tech as of last week.  His 5 years here were very appreciated and he will be missed.  We have worked a bandage on for the remainder and have a replacement for him.  Mr. Shaun Geahigan will be here every Thursday to cover his classes.  He will be working to replace Mr. Odle, but has projects to finish in the industry before he is available full time.


Another “for those that have not heard”, Trade Tech is moving!  Next year, our office and classrooms will be about 100 yards to the west.  Yes, Trade Tech will be moving into the front building.  It is very exciting as we will have twice the building space to grow our programs. We are working with the city to get everything through so that we can start the 2018-19 school year in the new building.  Yes, that means walls and doors for everyone! Our machine shop and automotive will stay in the lower building, and we will add advanced construction in there as well.  Imagine dedicated shop space!   


Lastly, we have to discuss the funding from the state.  Annually, we are required to discuss our plans for using school funding.  We plan to continue with the path that we are on with our goals identified on the LCAP on our website under School Board.


Hope to see you at the meeting.  Bring questions, concerns and thoughts with you.  In the Fall, we will be starting a School Site Committee and will be requesting membership from several parents to serve and help our school remain focused on student achievement and growth.


Thank You,


Phil Lutgen