Principal's Message

December 2020


What a year it is...


I would like to start by thanking everyone for helping us through this global pandemic.


As you know, out of precaution, we have closed our In-Person classes through Winter Break (3 weeks).  As the data is coming out, it was the right decision.  Vista and surrounding communities have been labelled "Hot Spots" and our county has averages over 950 cases per day for the last 10 days.  Just a month ago, our county was averaging around 300 cases per day.


We plan to return to In-Person instruction in January. We have altered the school calendar to allow for a full 2 weeks after December 25th to return with students.  School will begin again on January 11, 2021.  The staff will be evaluating how to better use our online and in-person times to maximize instruction and learning.


The challenges this year are beyond anything I ever imagined.  In January, we will continue to offer our Blended Education as well as Virtual for those that wish to be online only.


Virtual Learning (Offsite) - This will be online using our Acellus program.  These courses are all online and are independently certified in the a thru g system for college prep rigor.  We will provide support, but the curriculum is set through the company that created program and monitored by a staff member onsite.  They will be assigned work and completion requirements, but students will have flexibility when to login and work on assignments.  We have used Acellus with no issues for over 4 years for our credit recovery options.


Blended Learning (Onsite) - Students will be on campus 1 day each week.  10th grade on Tuesday, 12th on Wednesday, 11th on Thursday and 9th on Friday.  This will use online resources and teacher made and distributed materials. There will be tutoring, support and additional elective class time from 2:00 to 3:00 for students that wish to participate (sign up required).  Core Teachers (Math, English, History and Science) will have online web support for students not on campus that day (through something like Zoom or Google Meet).


Support Time - Resource teachers will also be available daily (Tuesday thru Friday) between 2:15 and 3 pm. In-person support for Special Education students can be scheduled through Mrs. Allen or Mr. Ho.


Monday will be a designated support day from 9 am until 2:15 pm. 

Different subjects will have online support at specific times. 

Resource teachers will be available (by appointment) to work with students online.

A classroom will be available for students that just need a quiet place to work with internet. 

Elective classes will have times for students to have more hours of hands-on work time, should they want or need it.


Internet Lab

Daily on Tuesday through Friday from 8 am until 1 pm, we have a room available for students that need a quiet place to work with internet.  This is by sign up only. Please call Yuli in the office to schedule.  Lunch is not available for students in the internet lab.


Masks and Social Distancing continue to be stressed and important, along with all other recommendations from the CDC, SDHHS and County Office of Education.


For second semester, we hope to increase the number of students on campus and offer in-person instruction in core subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Science) as well.  Of course students can always be at home online through Zoom and Google Classroom if they do not wish to come in.


Thank You,

Phil Lutgen