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Scholarships, Grants and Promise Programs 2022-2023



The California Jaycees Foundation Scholarship program provides scholastic funding to eligible High School Seniors who will continue their education at any accredited college or vocational school in the United States.  In 2023, four Scholarship awards will be given in increments of $1,000.


Three recipients of the California Jaycee Foundation scholarships will be forwarded to the United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program Review Committee for participation in that program as well, two (2) for secondary scholarships and one (1) for vocational/industrial.


2023 Scholarship application information is available NOW via this website link:

We kindly request that all school administrators share this information and link with your school contacts for publication through school contacts, guidance, and career counseling services, as well as school scholarship websites.   Please share this now so that students can prepare the application packet prior to the cutoff mailing date of January 13, 2023.