Update on School Vaccinations

As you know Trade Tech is a public charter high school and is required to follow all of the laws for schools in the State of California. 

Currently that is limited to mask wearing while inside the school building and limited social distancing.  As you all know, we extended our passing periods to 10 minutes so that students can go outside and remove their masks. There are no current changes proposed to the mask mandates on school campuses.

Recently Gov. Newsom announced that when a vaccine is fully approved, he plans to mandate by regulation that all students enrolled in public or private PreK-12 schools and attending in-person instruction be required to be fully vaccinated at the start of the term following the approval for that grade span (PreK to 6th and 7th to 12th).  Unfortunately, I know very little about the current process, but am sharing with you the information that the San Diego Office of Education has shared with all districts.  They anticipate the requirement to take effect July 1, 2022.

What is the difference between this and a "mandate by legislation"?  If the congress approves a change to ed code (state law pertaining specifically to schools) and the governor signs it into law, the only reason for not being vaccinated would be a specific medical reason documented by a specific type of medical professional. That would all be defined in the legislation. That is the way the required vaccinations are currently mandated through legislation.  

A mandate by regulation would allow for the same medical exemption, but would also be required to allow for personal belief exemptions.  There would be a specific process for such exemptions and, unless legislatively acted upon, would remain with the two exemption possibilities.  This would not change the legislatively required vaccinations.