What Others Say About Us

Testimonial 1

"My oldest was a freshman last year. This year he's going to be a sophomore with his little brother joining him as a freshman. I have been so happy with the school. They have so many great extracurricular activities, my son's favorite being the outdoor club where the students get to go on teacher chaperoned hikes in different areas. The teachers have been overall patient and eager to help with any struggles on an individual basis. They offer tutoring, and the resource teacher has even offered her lunch hours up to bring my son along. I feel he has been truly cared for at this school and can't wait for this next school year to start." - <a href="https://www.facebook.com/angela.nietobrisby?hc_ref=ARSgk0_-Q02afqGENbyocT7AHwt69jjOC_BL0fOZPFtRt9Yhd9ONShLHuPZi2bdRotQ&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBhNcdEQBi7T0fLq6Tyntz-zhNm5oZSHyV92V2f5eY8bpQ1COqRgQRf4V7ga1JWUVk0G7eK4b2Nq3K3NLHHonPiN2nfE5o0gZhUWN48hnNSlzWYnC2aPwnwMuemNJU-MlRkk_-Gxi-B27A51XZ_507k0e_JufkFOg&__tn__=lC-R">Angela Nieto Brisby</a>

Testimonial 2

"My son is a freshman this year. The small class sizes and hands on learning is ideal for him. This is the first year he is succeeding academically and has made friends. He likes his teachers and the classes offered. He is happy here! This is the only school that has really worked for him. And we have tried everything from traditional, another charter to home school. I've recommended this school to several people looking for something other than a traditional high school. Every child learns differently, and some need a hands on and smaller environment to succeed." - <a href="https://www.facebook.com/alicia.allenhaynes?hc_ref=ARSHKAgFGmDZjR7M4HNIvznT9eNnFP98U0PsH2XQp4KRsyXahaOP54zx_DOOm4Za5Q8&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC2WX9jSAIqYCfxsVhZNf-DnCLjdrE78rKeLBmnXG3VYDLTGn78TYQre9YZ_4N7H7DlyV55I1MSc-p0hS0-0EBgVTGaub6aja4S7ZJT9udRMd0BYwbs9xbBvMH8snqN1Z3UWPkAVc_DSAQTBxdQ0eMhRw7aFG6EqA&__tn__=lC-R">Alicia Haynes</a>

Testimonial 3

"The first principle of Trade Tech high school gave me my second chance at going to to the best school I could have ever found in a million years the teaching staff is at its best always and yes.. they are the best for hands on education. The education they give students are worth more than a thousand of these. Thanks NCTTH!!!!" -<a href="https://www.facebook.com/jacob.crafton.14">Jacob Crafton</a>

Testimonial 4

"This school is great. They are truly there for your child and their best interests. They will come together with you and help your child succeed. I'm am extremely happy we found this school for my son and am happy he is able to take advantage of all they have to offer." -<a href="https://www.facebook.com/becky.ritchart">Becky Ritchart</a>
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